Tax Filing Service

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Represents the service request to retrieve logs about tax statements.

Requires Authentication
The following routes are available for this service:
BatchProtokollRequestBase17 Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
BescheideformList<Abholung17>NoThe tax assessements, whose processing records shall be obtained.
BatchProtokollRequestBase Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
ZertifikatformPortalCertificateYesThe authentification certificate.
PortalCertificate Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
IdformGuidNoThe unique identifier of the certificate.
IndexformintNoThe position of the certificate element in an indexed collection of certificates.
PinformstringNoThe password to protect the certificate from unauthorized access.
DescriptionformstringNoThe description of the certificate.
TagsformList<string>NoTags that can be used to label or identify the certificate.
NameformstringNoGets or sets the file name of the certificate.
FileBase Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
Contentformbyte[]NoThe raw data content of the file.
Abholung17 Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
SteuerartformSteuerart?NoThe tax type (e.g. ESB) of the data record.
MetaInformationenformMetaInformationen17NoThe meta information of the identifier.
BereitstellungsticketformstringNoDie Transfertickets der Datensaetze. Es duerfen max. 100 Bereitstellungstickets in einem Request angegeben werden.
AnhaengeformAnhaenge17NoThe attachments of the data records.
Abholung Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
IdformstringNoThe identifier of the data record.
IdnrformstringNoThe ID number of the receipt owner. This attribute is only required for the tax type 'ElsterVaStDaten'.
Veranlagungsjahrformint?NoThe assessment year (YYYY) of the receipt. This attribute is only required for the tax type 'ElsterVaStDaten'.
UebertragungswegformUebertragungsweg?NoThe transmission path used.
EncodingformstringNoThe character encoding of the data record (e.g. ISO-8859-15). The exception is the data type ElsterVaStDaten, here we submit KEIN ENCODING.
MandantennummerformstringNoThe client number; only applicable to the tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
SteuernummerformstringNoThe tax number; only applicable to the tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
BescheiddatumformDateTime?NoThe asessment date; only applicable to the tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DatenpaketformDatenpaketNoDas Datenpaket angeforderter Datensaetze. Nur bei der Direktsendung ueber das ERiClet.
DownloadformDownloadNoDownload requested data records. Ensure the second payload data block is empty for bulk retrieval operations.
Uebertragungsweg Enum:
direktRetrieve the data directly via an ERiClet.
linkRetrieve the data via a link to the available data on the web server.
sammellinkRetrieve the bulk data via a link to the available data on the web server.
Datenpaket Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
ValueformstringNoEncoded (compressed and encrypted) requested data record
Download Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
UrlformstringNoThe link to the data on the web server.
BenutzerformstringNoThe user name for the web server.
PasswortformstringNoPassword for the web server.
Steuerart Enum:
ESBMaps to tax type 'ElsterErklaerungDaten' oder 'MitteilungAbholung'.
GEWMBMaps to tax type 'ElsterErklaerungDaten' oder 'MitteilungAbholung'.
GSBMaps to tax type 'ElsterErklaerungDaten' oder 'MitteilungAbholung'.
USBMaps to tax type 'ElsterErklaerungDaten' oder 'MitteilungAbholung'.
EPBescheidMaps to tax type 'ElsterEPBescheidDaten'.
EPMitteilungMaps to tax type 'ElsterEPMitteilungDaten'.
GewerbesteuerbescheidMaps to tax type the 'EPStBescheidAbholung'.
GewerbesteuermitteilungMaps to tax type 'EPStMitteilungAbholung'.
AntwortCoronaSoforthilfeThe role of a sender
BLZMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
DEICHMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
EURSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
ESSGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
ESTGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
FEIGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GDAMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GELFMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GEWBAMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GEWGIMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GEWGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GEWTPMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GEWXXMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBAEMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBAXMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBVMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBXMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GRSTEMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GWPH1Maps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
HHREMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
HWKDMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
KATEWMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
KBLMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
KISTMMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
KSTGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
KVMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
RDALMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
SVMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
TEST7Maps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
USTGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
UVVGSMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
VWDVGMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
WPMBRMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
BAAMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
GMBVXMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
BMBAXMaps to tax type 'ElsterFTDaten'.
DIVAAnzeigeEinerLotterieMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVABescheidMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaBescheidEStMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVABuchmachersteuerMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVALotteriesteuerEinmalMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVALotteriesteuerMehrMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVASportwettensteuerMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVATotalisatorMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
OZGBescheidMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
VerbindlicheZusageMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaSonstigerVAMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaBescheidGewStMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaBescheidUStMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaBescheidKStMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DivaBescheidFEINMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVATroncabgabeMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVAVirtuelleAutomatenStBMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
DIVAOnlinePokerStBMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
VerbindlicheAuskunftMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
LStHVVMRMMaps to tax type 'ElsterVollmachtDaten'.
EinlagenrueckgewaehrVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
FTTMeldungVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
StatusInvStGVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
UStVEUVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
VERSVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
AltZertVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
KapEStEntlastungVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
PostUDLVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
StAb50aVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
StAbEntlastungVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
KassenangelegenheitenVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
KStOptVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
SteueroasenabwehrVAMaps to tax type 'DIVADatenBZSt'.
KDBVollmachtRMMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
STBKEMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
VDBKDBRueckmeldungLiefMaps to tax type 'ElsterDIVADaten'.
AnhangRueckmeldungMaps to tax type 'MitteilungAbholung'.
DivaEinwilligungRMMaps to tax type 'MitteilungAbholung'.
GlueckspielFMaps to tax type 'MitteilungAbholung'.
OZGMitteilungMaps to tax type 'MitteilungAbholung'.
VerbindlicheAuskunftInfoFMaps to tax type 'MitteilungAbholung'.
MetaInformationen17 Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
MetaformList<Meta17>NoList of metadata.
MetaInfoMapsformMetaInfoMaps17NoList of meta infomation maps.
Meta17 Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
NameformstringNoThe type of metadata, e.g. datei [file]
CodingformCoding?NoThe encoding of the metadata (text or base64)
ValueformstringNoThe content of the metadata
Coding Enum:
textPlain text.
base64Base-64 encoded content.

To override the Content-type in your clients, use the HTTP Accept Header, append the .json suffix or ?format=json

To embed the response in a jsonp callback, append ?callback=myCallback


The following are sample HTTP requests and responses. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

POST /async/datenabholungen/protokolle/17/verarbeitungsprotokoll/batch HTTP/1.1 
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: length

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: length