Tax Filing Service

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A synchronous service to retrieve the list of all product and file versions of used ERiC-libraries.

Requires Authentication
The following routes are available for this service:
GET/VersionCheckA synchronous service to retrieve the list of all product and file versions of used ERiC-libraries.
EricVersionResponse Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
RueckgabeformEricVersionNoThe version of an ERiC library component.
StatusCodeformEricFehlerCodeNoThe status code that the ERiC API function returns.
StatusTextformstringNoThe status message that the ERiC API function returns.
IdformstringYesThe unique identifier of the response.
IndexformintNoThe position of the response element in an indexed collection.
ResponseStatusformResponseStatusNoMetadata that contains structured error information on the service response.
EricFehlerCodeResponse Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
StatusCodeformEricFehlerCodeNoThe status code that the ERiC API function returns.
StatusTextformstringNoThe status message that the ERiC API function returns.
IdformstringYesThe unique identifier of the response.
IndexformintNoThe position of the response element in an indexed collection.
ResponseStatusformResponseStatusNoMetadata that contains structured error information on the service response.
ServiceReponseBase Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
IdformstringYesThe unique identifier of the response.
IndexformintNoThe position of the response element in an indexed collection.
ResponseStatusformResponseStatusNoMetadata that contains structured error information on the service response.
EricFehlerCode Enum:
ERIC_OK0Error-free operation.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNKNOWN610001001Faulty operation, specific information is not available.
ERIC_GLOBAL_PRUEF_FEHLER610001002Error occured during plausibility check; the data record is not plausible. To determine the failed plausibility checks, the return buffer must be evaluated.
ERIC_GLOBAL_HINWEISE610001003Indications during plausibility check, the data record is not plausible. To determine the failed plausibility checks, the return buffer must be evaluated.
ERIC_GLOBAL_FEHLERMELDUNG_NICHT_VORHANDEN610001007Error message in plain text is not available.
ERIC_GLOBAL_KEINE_DATEN_VORHANDEN610001008XML data are not available for the given values.
ERIC_GLOBAL_HERSTELLER_ID_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001016For this operation/tax data type, the operation with the given Manufacturer ID (Hersteller ID) is not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ILLEGAL_STATE610001017Invalid state.
ERIC_GLOBAL_FUNKTION_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001018The function invocation is not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ECHTFALL_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001019For this operation/tax data type/Test-Manufacturer ID (Hersteller ID), real cases are not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NO_VERSAND_IN_BETA_VERSION610001020The transfer of real cases (= cases without the test marker) is not possible with a beta-version.
ERIC_GLOBAL_TESTMERKER_UNGUELTIG610001025The given test marker for the given operation is not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_DATENSATZ_ZU_GROSS610001026The data record, which is to be sent, is too big.
ERIC_GLOBAL_VERSCHLUESSELUNGS_PARAMETER_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001027Encryption parameters may not be given for the specified mode of transfer.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NUR_PORTALZERTIFIKAT_ERLAUBT610001028Only portal certificates are allowed for the given mode of transfer.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ABRUFCODE_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001029For the transferred type of tax data is the provision of access code not permitted, thence a null value should be given for the retrieval value.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ERROR_XML_CREATE610001030An error occured during the transformation to XML.
ERIC_GLOBAL_TEXTPUFFERGROESSE_FIX610001031The size of the text buffer can not be modified.
ERIC_GLOBAL_INTERNER_FEHLER610001032Internal error occured. Please see details, where applicable, in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_ARITHMETIKFEHLER610001033An error occurred during an arithmetic operation. Details are in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_STEUERNUMMER_FALSCHE_LAENGE610001035Invalid tax number: 13 digits are expected.
ERIC_GLOBAL_STEUERNUMMER_NICHT_NUMERISCH610001036Invalid tax number: Only digits are expected.
ERIC_GLOBAL_LANDESNUMMER_UNBEKANNT610001037Invalid state number.
ERIC_GLOBAL_BUFANR_UNBEKANNT610001038Invalid Federal Tax Office Number.
ERIC_GLOBAL_LANDESNUMMER_BUFANR610001039Invalid Federal Tax Office Number.
ERIC_GLOBAL_PUFFER_ZUGRIFFSKONFLIKT610001040A buffer handle was provided more than once.
ERIC_GLOBAL_PUFFER_UEBERLAUF610001041An attempt was made to define a buffer over the maximal possible length.
ERIC_GLOBAL_DATENARTVERSION_UNBEKANNT610001042The passed datatype version is unknown or the required ERiC plugin was not found. Please note that the data type version is case-sensitive.
ERIC_GLOBAL_DATENARTVERSION_XML_INKONSISTENT610001044The provided tax data type version does not correspond to the input XML. See details, where applicable in the log file(eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_COMMONDATA_NICHT_VERFUEGBAR610001045The plugin 'commonData' could not be loaded or provide a required service. See details, where applicable in the log file(eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_LOG_EXCEPTION610001046An exception was thrown on writing in the protocol [log] file.
ERIC_GLOBAL_TRANSPORTSCHLUESSEL_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001047For this type of tax data type, no transport key may be given for the transfer header.
ERIC_GLOBAL_OEFFENTLICHER_SCHLUESSEL_UNGUELTIG610001048The given public key cannot be read.
ERIC_GLOBAL_TRANSPORTSCHLUESSEL_TYP_FALSCH610001049The type of transfer header in the given transport key for this tax data type is not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_PUFFER_UNGLEICHER_INSTANZ610001050The given buffer handle was not created with the available instance.
ERIC_GLOBAL_VORSATZ_UNGUELTIG610001051The element 'Vorsatz' contains invalid values. See details, where applicable in the log file(eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_DATEIZUGRIFF_VERWEIGERT610001053A file could not be accessed in the desired way. Details are in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNGUELTIGE_INSTANZ610001080The specified instance is null or has been disposed already.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NICHT_INITIALISIERT610001081The single-thread ERiC instance was not initialized with the function 'EricInitialisiere'.
ERIC_GLOBAL_MEHRFACHE_INITIALISIERUNG610001082The single-thread ERiC instance was already initialized with the function 'EricInitialisiere'.
ERIC_GLOBAL_FEHLER_INITIALISIERUNG610001083The requested ERiC instance could not be created. See details in log file (eric.log).
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNKNOWN_PARAMETER_ERROR610001102Unknown parameter error.
ERIC_GLOBAL_CHECK_CORRUPTED_NDS610001108Defective user data set.
ERIC_GLOBAL_VERSCHLUESSELUNGS_PARAMETER_NICHT_ANGEGEBEN610001206Encrypted/autheticated transfer desired, but required encryption parameters not provided.
ERIC_GLOBAL_SEND_FLAG_MEHR_ALS_EINES610001209More than one provided transfer flag.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNGUELTIGE_FLAG_KOMBINATION610001218The given operations flag is not allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ERSTE_SEITE_DRUCK_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610001220The First-Page-Print function is allowed only for tax consultants, working on non-authorized income tax cases without a transfer requirement, in the taxable period that starts from 2010.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNGUELTIGER_PARAMETER610001222Die given parametsrs are invalid or incomplete.
ERIC_GLOBAL_DRUCK_FUER_VERFAHREN_NICHT_ERLAUBT610001224For the given operation, printing is not supported.
ERIC_GLOBAL_VERSAND_ART_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610001225The transfer mode is not supported for the given method.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UNGUELTIGE_PARAMETER_VERSION610001226The version of the given parameter is not valid.
ERIC_GLOBAL_TRANSFERHANDLE610001227For the operation 'Datenabholung', an illegal transfer handle was provided.
ERIC_GLOBAL_PLUGININITIALISIERUNG610001228The initialization of a plugin failed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_INKOMPATIBLE_VERSIONEN610001229The version of the named ERiC-files in the log file are incompatible. (See eric.log.).
ERIC_GLOBAL_VERSCHLUESSELUNGSVERFAHREN_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610001230The given encyrption method in the XML element '<Verschluesselung >' is not supported by ERiC.
ERIC_GLOBAL_MEHRFACHAUFRUFE_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610001231An invocation of an API-function of ERiC may only take place when a previous call has returned.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UTI_COUNTRY_NOT_SUPPORTED610001404The federal state/tax office with the given number does not deal with the provided taxation type of ELSTER-operations.
ERIC_GLOBAL_IBAN_FORMALER_FEHLER610001501Invalid IBAN: IBAN must comprise of a 2-digit country code, followed by a 2-digit verification code, and followed by a basic bank account number.
ERIC_GLOBAL_IBAN_LAENDERCODE_FEHLER610001502Invalid IBAN: The given country code is invalid or is not currently supported by ELSTER operations.
ERIC_GLOBAL_IBAN_LANDESFORMAT_FEHLER610001503Invalid IBAN: The given IBAN does not correspond to the country-specified formal IBAN structure.
ERIC_GLOBAL_IBAN_PRUEFZIFFER_FEHLER610001504Invalid IBAN: The verification of the given IBAN leads to a different check digit.
ERIC_GLOBAL_BIC_FORMALER_FEHLER610001510Invalid BIC: The formal structure of the specified BIC is invalid.
ERIC_GLOBAL_BIC_LAENDERCODE_FEHLER610001511Invalid BIC: The given country code is invalid or is not currently supported by ELSTER operations.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ZULASSUNGSNUMMER_ZU_LANG610001519The given admissions number violates the length policies. A maximum of 6 digits is allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_IDNUMMER_UNGUELTIG610001525The given IDNummer is invalid.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NULL_PARAMETER610001526The parameter NULL was specified.
ERIC_GLOBAL_EWAZ_UNGUELTIG610001527The transferred unit value file reference is invalid.
ERIC_GLOBAL_EWAZ_LANDESKUERZEL_UNBEKANNT610001528The passed country abbreviation is unknown or empty.
ERIC_GLOBAL_UPDATE_NECESSARY610001851Update of ERiC is required. Start the update [process] now.
ERIC_GLOBAL_EINSTELLUNG_NAME_UNGUELTIG610001860Invalid name for the setting.
ERIC_GLOBAL_EINSTELLUNG_WERT_UNGUELTIG610001861Invalid value for the setting.
ERIC_GLOBAL_ERR_DEKODIEREN610001862Error during decoding.
ERIC_GLOBAL_FUNKTION_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610001863The invoked function is not supported.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NUTZDATENTICKETS_NICHT_EINDEUTIG610001865Error in transferred EDS-XML: A payload ticket was used for multiple tax cases in the aggregate data. For each tax case, a separate payload ticket must however be provided.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NUTZDATENHEADERVERSIONEN_UNEINHEITLICH610001866Error in transferred EDS-XML: Different versions of the payload headers were used for the aggregate data. Within a data delivery only a payload header version is however allowed.
ERIC_GLOBAL_BUNDESLAENDER_UNEINHEITLICH610001867Error in transferred EDS-XML: [Tax] cases for more than one federal state were provided. Within a data delivery only [tax] cases for a federal state may be provided
ERIC_GLOBAL_ZEITRAEUME_UNEINHEITLICH610001868Error in transferred EDS-XML: [Tax] Cases for different years were provided. Within a data delivery only [tax] cases for one and the same [fiscal] year may be provided.
ERIC_GLOBAL_NUTZDATENHEADER_EMPFAENGER_NICHT_KORREKT610001869Error in transferred EDS-XML: The content of the payload element '<Empfaenger>' is not correct for this tax data type.
ERIC_TRANSFER_COM_ERROR610101200General communication error.
ERIC_TRANSFER_VORGANG_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610101201This operation is not supported by the invoked function.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_XML_THEADER610101210Error in transfer header. Der ELSTER receiving server registered an exeception. Please evaluate the server response.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_PARAM610101251Invalid parameters were provided.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_DATENTEILENDNOTFOUND610101253The text '</DatenTeil>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_BEGINDATENLIEFERANT610101255The text '<DatenLieferant>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_ENDDATENLIEFERANT610101256The text '</DatenLieferant>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_BEGINTRANSPORTSCHLUESSEL610101257The text '<TransportSchluessel>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_ENDTRANSPORTSCHLUESSEL610101258The text '</TransportSchluessel >' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_BEGINDATENGROESSE610101259The text '<DatenGroesse & gt;' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_ENDDATENGROESSE610101260The text '</DatenGroesse>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_SEND610101271An error occcured during the exchange of data.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_NOTENCRYPTED610101274The response data were not PKCS#7-encrypted.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_PROXYCONNECT610101276The copnnection to the proxy server could not be established.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_CONNECTSERVER610101278No connection to the servers could be established.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_NORESPONSE610101279No response could be received from the clearing house.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_PROXYAUTH610101280The proxy server expects credentials.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_SEND_INIT610101282Error during initialisation of transmission, the details, where applicable are present. the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_TIMEOUT610101283A timeout occured during communication with the server.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_PROXYPORT_INVALID610101284No valid port was given for the proxy.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_OTHER610101291Other undefined error occurred.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_XML_NHEADER610101292Error im payload header. The ELSTER receiving server registered an error. Please evaluate server response. All payload blocks in the aggregate data are to be checked, in order to identify the erroneous data records.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_XML_ENCODING610101293The XML is wrongly encoded.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_ENDSIGUSER610101294The text '</SigUser>' could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_XMLTAG_NICHT_GEFUNDEN610101295A tag could not be located in the XML string.
ERIC_TRANSFER_ERR_DATENTEILFEHLER610101297The XML element '<DatenTeil>' could not be read.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_ZERTIFIKATFEHLER610101500No ad hoc certificate for the identity card or the residence permit could be created or found; see details in the log file(eric.log).
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_KEINKONTO610101510No exising account on ELSTER for the identification number of the user.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_IDNRNICHTEINDEUTIG610101511No unique identification number could be assigned to the user.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_SERVERFEHLER610101512The nPA-Servlet could not establish a connection to the eID-Server.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_KEINCLIENT610101520Der eID-Client is not accessible. Probably it was not started or the specified local URL is invalid.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_CLIENTFEHLER610101521The eID-Client thrown an exception. See details on the exception in the log file of the eID-client or when available. the ERiC log file (eric.log).
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_FEHLENDEFELDER610101522Not all required fields of the identity card could be read. Please check the function 'Selbstauskunft' of the eID-Client, if the following details were correctly entered: Last name, First name(s), Birthdate, Address (with post code) und type of document.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_IDENTIFIKATIONABGEBROCHEN610101523The reading of data from the identity card was interrupted.
ERIC_TRANSFER_EID_NPABLOCKIERT610101524The ID card is blocked by another operation. Finish the other operation, and then try again.
ERIC_CRYPT_ERROR_CREATE_KEY610201016Error during creation of key.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_INVALID_HANDLE610201101eSigner: Invalid token handle.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_MAX_SESSION610201102eSigner: too many sessions are open.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_BUSY610201103eSigner: Overloading.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_OUT_OF_MEM610201104eSigner: memory assignment error.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_PSE_PATH610201105eSigner: Invalid PSE path.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_PIN_WRONG610201106eSigner: Wrong PIN.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_PIN_LOCKED610201107eSigner: PIN locked.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P7_READ610201108eSigner: Error during reading of PKCS#7 object.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P7_DECODE610201109eSigner: Error decoding of PKCS#7.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P7_RECIPIENT610201110eSigner: Decoding certificate not contained in receiver list.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_READ610201111eSigner: Error while reading of PKCS#12 object.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_DECODE610201112eSigner: Error while decoding of PKCS#12 object.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_SIG_KEY610201113eSigner: Error while accessing Soft-PSE signature key.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_ENC_KEY610201114eSigner: Error while accessing Soft-PSE decryption key.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_SIG_KEY610201115eSigner: Error while accessing hard token signature key.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_ENC_KEY610201116eSigner: Error while accessing hard token decryption key.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_XML_PARSE610201117eSigner: Error while parsing input XML file.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_XML_SIG_ADD610201118eSigner: Error while creating XML signatures.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_XML_SIG_TAG610201119eSigner: XML signature day not available.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_XML_SIG_SIGN610201120eSigner: Error during creation of XML signature.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_ENCODE_UNKNOWN610201121eSigner: Parameter error, unknown encoding.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_ENCODE_ERROR610201122eSigner: Encoding error.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_XML_INIT610201123eSigner: XML initialization error.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_ENCRYPT610201124eSigner: Error while encrypting.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_DECRYPT610201125eSigner: Error while decrypting.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_SLOT_EMPTY610201126eSigner: Empty slot list, that means no card has been inserted (PKCS#11).
ERIC_CRYPT_E_NO_SIG_ENC_KEY610201127eSigner: No signature-/Encryption certificates/-key (PKCS#11).
ERIC_CRYPT_E_LOAD_DLL610201128eSigner: PKCS11 or PC/SC Library missing or not executable.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_NO_SERVICE610201129eSigner: The PC/SC service is not started.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_ESICL_EXCEPTION610201130eSigner: Unknown exception occurred.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_TOKEN_TYPE_MISMATCH610201144eSigner: CA token type und internal token type do not match each other.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_CREATE610201146eSigner: Temporary PKCS # 12 token can not be created.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_VERIFY_CERT_CHAIN610201147eSigner: Certificate chain could not be verified.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_ENGINE_LOADED610201148eSigner: PKCS # 11 engine engaged with other library.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_USER_CANCEL610201149eSigner: Action aborted by the user.
ERIC_CRYPT_ZERTIFIKAT610201200Error during access of certificate.
ERIC_CRYPT_SIGNATUR610201201Error during creation of signature.
ERIC_CRYPT_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZTES_PSE_FORMAT610201203The format of the PSE is not supported.
ERIC_CRYPT_PIN_BENOETIGT610201205A PIN must be provided for the selected operation.
ERIC_CRYPT_PIN_STAERKE_NICHT_AUSREICHEND610201206The desired PIN ist not secure enough (eg. too short).
ERIC_CRYPT_E_INTERN610201208An internal error occurred. Details are present, where applicable, in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_CRYPT_ZERTIFIKATSPFAD_KEIN_VERZEICHNIS610201209The given certificate path is not a directory.
ERIC_CRYPT_ZERTIFIKATSDATEI_EXISTIERT_BEREITS610201210An integral part of the ERiC certificate already exists in the given directory.
ERIC_CRYPT_PIN_ENTHAELT_UNGUELTIGE_ZEICHEN610201211The desired PIN contains non-permitted characters (e.g. vowel mutations[ä, ö, ü,...])
ERIC_CRYPT_E_INVALID_PARAM_ABC610201212eSigner: The access code has a wrong structure or contains invalid characters.
ERIC_CRYPT_CORRUPTED610201213The provided certificate has inconsistencies and hence cannot be used. Please use another or create and use the new certificate.
ERIC_CRYPT_EIDKARTE_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610201214The invoked function does not support the new identity card (nPA) and the electronic residence permit (eAT).
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_SLOT_EMPTY610201215No card/stick is inserted.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_NO_APPLET610201216No supported applet found.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_SESSION610201217Error in the card session.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_NO_SIG_CERT610201218P11 Signing certificate missing.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_INIT_FAILED610201219P11 The initial token access has failed.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P11_NO_ENC_CERT610201220P11 The initial token access has failed.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_NO_SIG_CERT610201221P12 Signing certificate missing.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_P12_NO_ENC_CERT610201222P12 Encryption certificate missing.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_ENC_KEY610201223PC/SC Access to the decryption key has failed.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_NO_SIG_CERT610201224PC/SC Access to the decryption key has failed.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_NO_ENC_CERT610201225PC/SC encryption certificate missing.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_INIT_FAILED610201226PC/SC The initial token access has failed.
ERIC_CRYPT_E_SC_SIG_KEY610201227PC/SC Access to the signature key has failed.
ERIC_IO_FEHLER610301001Faulty processing, detailed information is not available.
ERIC_IO_DATEI_INKORREKT610301005The file structure is incorrect.
ERIC_IO_PARSE_FEHLER610301006An error occured while parsing the input data. Details are present in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_IO_NDS_GENERIERUNG_FEHLGESCHLAGEN610301007The generation of the payload record failed.
ERIC_IO_MASTERDATENSERVICE_NICHT_VERFUEGBAR610301010Internal error, the master data service is not available.
ERIC_IO_STEUERZEICHEN_IM_NDS610301014Invalid control characters were located in payload record.
ERIC_IO_VERSIONSINFORMATIONEN_NICHT_GEFUNDEN610301031The version informations of the ERiC libraries could not be read.
ERIC_IO_FALSCHES_VERFAHREN610301104The value of the transfer header element 'Verfahren' ist not supported by the used reader.
ERIC_IO_READER_MEHRFACHE_STEUERFAELLE610301105The input file contains more than one tax case.
ERIC_IO_READER_UNERWARTETE_ELEMENTE610301106Unexpected elements were found in the input file, details are available, where applicable, in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_IO_READER_FORMALE_FEHLER610301107Formal errors were found in the input file, details are available, where applicable, in the log file (eric.log).
ERIC_IO_READER_FALSCHES_ENCODING610301108The input data was not encoded in ISO-8859-15, or the encoding was not specified.
ERIC_IO_READER_MEHRFACHE_NUTZDATEN_ELEMENTE610301109More than one 'Nutzdaten' element was found in the inout file.
ERIC_IO_READER_MEHRFACHE_NUTZDATENBLOCK_ELEMENTE610301110More than one payload block ['Nutzdatenblock'] was found in the input file.
ERIC_IO_UNBEKANNTE_DATENART610301111The value in the transfer header element 'Datenart' is not supported by the reader used.
ERIC_IO_READER_UNTERSACHBEREICH_UNGUELTIG610301114Invalid or incorrect valud for the subarea field.
ERIC_IO_READER_ZU_VIELE_NUTZDATENBLOCK_ELEMENTE610301115Multiple payload blocks ['Nutzdatenblöcke'] found in the input file.
ERIC_IO_READER_STEUERZEICHEN_IM_TRANSFERHEADER610301150Invalid control characters found in the transfer header element.
ERIC_IO_READER_STEUERZEICHEN_IM_NUTZDATENHEADER610301151Invalid control characters found in the payload header ['NutzdatenHeader'] element.
ERIC_IO_READER_STEUERZEICHEN_IN_DEN_NUTZDATEN610301152Invalid control characters found in payload ['Nutzdaten'] element.
ERIC_IO_READER_SCHEMA_VALIDIERUNGSFEHLER610301200Es traten Fehler beim Validieren des XML auf. Details stehen im Logfile (eric.log).
ERIC_IO_READER_UNBEKANNTE_XML_ENTITY610301201An XML entity could not be resolved.
ERIC_IO_DATENTEILNOTFOUND610301252The text '</DatenTeil>' could not be located in the xml string.
ERIC_IO_DATENTEILENDNOTFOUND610301253The text '</DatenTeil>' could not located in the xml string
ERIC_IO_UEBERGABEPARAMETER_FEHLERHAFT610301300Incorrect transfer parameters for the function.
ERIC_IO_UNGUELTIGE_UTF8_SEQUENZ610301400The parameter contains invalid UTF-8 multibyte sequences.
ERIC_IO_UNGUELTIGE_ZEICHEN_IN_PARAMETER610301401The parameter contains at least one invalid character.
ERIC_PRINT_INTERNER_FEHLER610501001Faulty process, detailed information is not available.
ERIC_PRINT_DRUCKVORLAGE_NICHT_GEFUNDEN610501002No print template for the specified combination of incident type and assessment period. Please check the installed print templates.
ERIC_PRINT_UNGUELTIGER_DATEI_PFAD610501004A wrong file path was given or access rights are missing.
ERIC_PRINT_INITIALISIERUNG_FEHLERHAFT610501007ERiCPrint was not correctly initialzed. Maybe ERiC was not correctly initialized?
ERIC_PRINT_AUSGABEZIEL_UNBEKANNT610501008The used format, respectively the target client are unknown.
ERIC_PRINT_ABBRUCH_DRUCKVORBEREITUNG610501009The start of the printing process failed. It may not have been possible to allocate required resources.
ERIC_PRINT_ABBRUCH_GENERIERUNG610501010An error occured while outputting the content.
ERIC_PRINT_STEUERFALL_NICHT_UNTERSTUETZT610501011The combination of the incident type and assessment period are not supported.
ERIC_PRINT_FUSSTEXT_ZU_LANG610501012The provided footnote is too long.
EricVersion Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
BibliothekenformList<Bibliothek>YesThe list of available ERiC dynamic libraries.
Bibliothek Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
NameformstringNoThe name of the library.
ProduktversionformstringNoThe product version of the library.
DateiversionformstringNoThe file version of the library.
PruefModulenformList<PruefModul>YesThe list of test modules of the library.
PruefModul Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
DatenartVersionformstringNoThe tax data type version of the test module.
LabelformstringNoThe label of the test module.
RuntimeformstringNoThe runtime of the test module.

To override the Content-type in your clients, use the HTTP Accept Header, append the .xml suffix or ?format=xml


The following are sample HTTP requests and responses. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

GET /VersionCheck HTTP/1.1 
Accept: application/xml
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Length: length

<EricVersionResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <ResponseStatus xmlns:d2p1="">
        <d2p1:Meta xmlns:d5p1="">
    <d2p1:Meta xmlns:d3p1="">